Would you like to cook with free charcoal for the rest of your life?

Simple. Grow a few trees, trim the branches and make some for yourself or your businesses without ever having to cut down a whole tree.

Check out our improved charcoal making kilns starting at 6,500ksh https://cookswell.co.ke/product-category/kilns/ (inc. a free packet of tree seeds as well!)

Smoking chips in stock!

Cut into an easy to use chunk format, these sticks are made from seasonal prunings from Kenyan trees grown without the use of harmful chemicals. 4 to 5 pieces will smoke for about an hour, and there is no need to soak prior to using. 

How to use: Place a small handful of #Cookswell Smoking Wood in the removeable tray that catches the ashes below the liner. When hot coals fall through the holes, they will slowly smolder the wood to produce high-quality smoke for meats, veggies and more! 

Alternatively and for more smoke production, place a few sticks directly onto the coals in the oven, and cover with a bit of ash. Remember to keep your oven clean if you also plan to use it for baking. The smoke buildup from each use will impart a smoky flavor to the other dishes that you prepare. 

Each bag is approximately 500gms in weight. https://cookswell.co.ke/product/wood-chips/

About our wood varieties: 

Plum: sweet smoke with a slightly spicy flavour, well rounded 

Peach: sweet, fruity flavour, ideal for white meat, seafood and small game birds 

African Pepper Bark: pungent peppery taste, renowned for it’s use as a valued plant in traditional medicine 

Meru Oak: slightly sweet vanilla-tinged flavour, suited to smoking all types of meat and vegetables 

African Olive: lighter than mesquite with a milder smoke flavour, particularly delicious on Mediterranean style dishes

Mathenge #Mesquite: bold, complex and earthy, suited to dark meat and veggies.

SME exhibitors at Meat Expo rave about GIZ booth

 “GIZ gave us a spot at their booth and we are happy and honoured we got the opportunity to demonstrate that charcoal cannot only be used cleanly and efficiently but it can also be made sustainably,” says Teddy, adding: “We were busy from the first day.”

People thronged the Cookswell Jiko’s stand to see the Jikos used to grill meat into what is famously known as nyama choma, a favourite of many Kenyans.


Make your own FREE charcoal without cutting down a single tree!

Read all about our out our charcoal making kilns here kenyacharcoal.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-co And order online here cookswell.co.ke/product-catego small sized is 6,500ksh (1/4 gunia per day) the large one(1 gunia per day) is 18,500ksh (2020)


Grow your own shade for those hot days and make your neighborhood greener!


seedballs kenya

Order your own tree seedballs to start greening up your town today from www.seedballskenya.com

Having an event and want to give out a biodegradable packet of indigenous tree seeds for people to take home and grow?


          Talk to us on seedballskenya@gmail.com or 0725800251

Have you tried out the new Soul Coal eco-charcoal?

New eco-charcoal now in stock! We now have the amazing Soul Coal leleshwa bush charcoal harvested from fire breaks at Ol Ari Nyiro conservancy in Laikipia County. This charcoal supports local community members as well as controlling the spread of the invasive Leleshwa plant. Perfect for your daily bbq and baking needs, burns hot and clean. (800ksh for 8kgs here)



Some of our jikos, cookstoves and kilns in action around Kenya.

Cookswell Photo Contest

This month we will be running our first jiko photo contest and you could win 10,000ksh store credit towards a new jiko of your dreams 😍

Inbox us your photos or email them to info@cookswell.co.ke, get ready, get set, GO!

Make your own FREE charcoal at home!

Make charcoal at home without cutting down any trees by using just small twigs and branches in one of our improved charcoal making kilns. 

Please see the two sizes available here at our new web store https://cookswell.co.ke/product-category/kilns/

End of March special offer!

Buy a small bachelor oven sized jiko and get a free bag of SoulCoal charcoal + 500ksh discount! Offer valid till March 31st 2020

(Order online https://cookswell.co.ke/product/mini-oven/ or call or WhatsApp 0700 905 913 to order)



Please welcome our newest ReGreen Partner the KIBWEZI WELLWISHERS (Centre for sustainability) grassroots group

Who are working hard to ReGreen Makueni County and beyond! Led by the indomitable Rachel Mwakili the KWW are a seedball team to be reckoned with! We look forward to helping them grow millions of trees over the coming years. Makueni County is/was one of the hotspots of the charcoal trade over the years and much of our the waste charcoal dust we use to make the seedballs may well of come from this County, so its great to send it back filled with indigenous tree and grass seeds!