Grow, make and use your own homegrown 'branch' charcoal and save money, save energy, Eat Well!

Start off with the seeds to success! We provide 1 free packet of KEFRI certified tree seeds with every jiko, oven or kiln you buy. These should be able to provide you with a lifetime of free woodfuel! 

Transplant the seeds to seedling bags 

Plant the trees and water them with about 1ltr per week for 10 weeks and make sure you keep the GRASS down and the GOATS away! 
Now wait a few years until the tree's are big enough to remove 1 or 2 reasonably thick (2in or 5cm) branches - or you can use bamboo, coconuts, maize cobs even mango seeds! 

Use a Cookswell greencap kiln to make your charcoal (small 30$ large 150$) and you are ready to make your own excellent homemade lumpwood charcoal! 

you can use twigs, fence clippings etc. 

 Carbonization in action and on the go!

if you live by the beech you can make coconut charcoal while you swim! 

Samples of various charcoal 

Now you are ready to cook fantastic food on your Cookswell portable charcoal oven! 

upside down seafish and butternut squash!

delicious fresh bread 

or pizza! 

and pork chops 

baked brie on falafal with maasai free range organic sage beef fillet 

Using a clean burning energy saving biomass cooking device (jiko) reduces the amount of charcoal needed to cook all of your favorite meals. Each one of our cookstoves and charcoal ovens comes with a free packet of acacia tree seeds so you can grow a lifetime supply of charcoal for you and your family...  Learn more at

High quality energy saving charcoal and firewood jikos and ovens to fit all your cooking needs.

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International Shipping Avavilable!  
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