Eco-charcoal making class now available at the Woodlands 2000 Trust's dryland demo woodlot in Kisaju, Isinya.

Learn how to grow and make your own free charcoal with a Cookswell drum kiln using ONLY branches and twigs instead of cutting down a whole tree. 

The course includes 5 free acacia tree seedlings, 1 packet of 100 acacia tree seeds and hands on demonstration of harvesting, processing and carbonizing your feedstock to make lumpwood charcoal as seen below. 
We also will demonstrate and explain the Woodlands 2000 Trust's experiences with dry-land agroforestry and best practises for woodfuel security. 
Please call 0700 380 009 to make reservations in advance. 500ksh per person
a 3 year old a. polyacantha stand 

A 2 year old a. kirkii stand - ready for first pruning. 

farm fresh eggs available. 

lighting the kiln 

testing a new kiln with a water jacket. 

the feedstock - dry twigs and branches 

letting it carbonize while walking around the forest. 

The final product - perfectly sized charcoal for you cookstove using only a few branches that will grow back! 

Small scale rotational branch charcoal production for pasture/woodlot management and to supply the cookstoves, ovens and space heaters at the wonderful Sirikoi Lodge.

Also known as elephant charcoal :) 
In less than 15 years of protection - this area went from maize farms back to a wild yellow fever forest - to manage the forests around the stables they prune the branches for woodfuel. If you know about acacia thorns you know that getting the thorny branches can be a tricky business, but with a bit of help from their elephant friends......
Debarked, de-leafed and pre-cut twigs and branches :) 

In action! 

But of course with a bit of experiance one can always manually prune the branches. 

Make a clean cut in order the help the tree heal over. 

A pair of 2 year old large charcoal kilns carbonizing the sun dried branches  - these make about a bag of charcoal every day. 

The safari charcoal ovens ready to bake!

And when you are done cooking - this is one use for the ashes from your jiko and if you can get it, some elephant dung to plant more tree's! 

Mix the ash and elephant poop to a 1:1 ratio with some water.

Try to use seeds of tree species that would naturally be found in areas with elephants  - these shown are acacia seyal and juniperus procera (ceder)

If planting right away - pre-soak them in hot water for appx 45min. 

Roll up the potting mix and plant in the nursery.