Cookswell jikos cooking delicious food on all sorts of safaris - around Kenya and the United Kingdom

At Distant Relatives eco-lodge located in Kilifi, on the coast of Kenya

Some where in Sommerset - cooking a karogo on a large KCJ

At Karen Blixen Camp hospitality and chef school cooking all the spare ribs on a large business oven

A delicious bbq at a famed Eldoret dairy farm - 

On safari at lake Naivasha 

100% off grid cooking somewhere in Tsavo East National Park - Kenya - a deluxe cookswell bbq and a mini-charcoal kiln 

A mid-summers lunch in Bristol - UK 

At cooking during a power cut in Nairobi - KPLC electricity cuts
Baking meat pie's - banana bread and zucchini bread in a small 3 level charcoal oven

The perfect safari companion - the small 2 level near Magadi, Kenya (where people have cooked with fire for tens of thousands of years!)

Delicious roast maize cobs on a Kenya Ceramic jiko in Nairobi

Fantastic Frog Space Heaters!

Stay warm with these fantastic frog-like charcoal or firewood outdoor space heaters - your choice of eyes from Kazuri Bead Co. - (7,000ksh) at the Cookswell Home

the small 6000ksh frog