Buy a high efficency drum kiln today!

Best used as a houshold device for making charcoal from branches and waste bits of wood and storing the charcoal.

Cost per bag of charcoal can be as low as 105Ksh (1.50$)
One round of carbonization can produce in 1 day enough charcoal for a family of 4 to cook daily on a Cookswell Energy Saving Charcoal Oven or Kenya Cermaic Jiko.

From our field studies, one packet of Kenya Seeds of Change Woodfuel Tree Seeds (appx. count 300pcs) can, in 10 years be the continualy coppiced feedstock for the drum kiln.

And voila, sustainble back yard energy for cooking. With that special charcoal aroma. And no bribes paid on the sack of charcoal.

Preformance Specs:
2ft x 3.5ft
18gauge mild steel
Output of 50kg's max per day
Conversion rate of appx. 7kgs per hour
Fully rainproof for storage.