For all your off-grid energy needs - Cookswell Charcoal Ovens.

Baking delicious fresh bread using a large charcoal oven (38,000ksh)

the eco-jikos at the camp kitchen.
At the fabulous Manda Bay, boutique hotel Lamu -

Make and use coconut charcoal!

Step 1. Collect some dry coconut husks and shells.

Step 2: Light a fire in the bottom of the kiln.

Step 3: Once the fire is going, simply fill the kiln to the top with coconuts
Step 4: Carry the kiln down to the beech and go for a swim while the charcoal carbonizes! Check it every half hour or so and put the lid on when its ready.

You now have almost free sustainable charcoal!

this took about 5 hours to make and was mess free - charcoal making with no axe or jembe!

A sample of the original coconuts vs. the charcoal.

perfect for easy lighting and clean hot cooking! (and would probably filter water very well)
the coconut charcoal burning in the ceramic jiko grate

goes in and out the same way! no processing, no briquetting, no drying, just make and use!

3 freshly caught sea fish, 2ft spicy sausage links and butternut squash all cooked on just 2 handfuls of coconut charcoal using a small 2 level Cookswell charcoal oven

With ''Ghost' Pepper for that extra extra punch!
This domestic sized charcoal kiln can also carbonize twigs, branches and maize (corn) cobs. It is 3,500ksh and comes with a packet of acacia tree seeds for you to grow your future charcoal. 
The oven used in this post is the small 2 level Cookswell charcoal oven ~ for more info please email