Custom made BBQ Art!

Your dreams are valid! 

We will do our best to make anything you can dream of into an amazing custom built energy saving BBQ or smoker. 

World wide delivery available on application - please visit our website here for more info! 

Learn how to bake and start a baking business and get a discount on a Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos Charcoal Oven.

Do you know of a school who would like to learn about the joys of baking?
Our charcoal ovens are the perfect fit! They are easy to use, extremely economical to run and make perfect bread and cakes each time! (Please see all the sizes here
We have also partnered with the famous Amari Baking Center to help with all the training and baking skills development you'll need to set up a full time bakery at your school or even just a fun baking day with the kids! (Please see for more info).

thanks elke s for the great photo! 

thanks sister of hope international for the great photos of baking in Uganda

Seedballs Kenya - Lets get planting!

Q: What is a Seedball?
A: A Seedball is simply that - a seed inside of a ball of charcoal dust mixed with some nutritious binders. We are focusing on helping reduce the costs of planting various useful indigenous plant species (mostly trees!) in Kenya. The biochar coating of the ball helps protect the seed within from predators such as birds, rodents and insects and extremes of temperature until the rains arrive! Once soaked, the seedball will help retain and prolong a moist environment around the seed to encourage germination.

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A few of the more of the Cookswell Custom Animal Shaped BBQ's.

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Use your oven as a smoker! Plum smoked pork belly and beets in Small Safari Oven.

The small 2 level safari oven.  

Get the fire going with a tiny bit of charcoal and then turn down the primary inlet (shown below) almost all the way. You can either add woodchips directly on the charcoal, wrapped in tinfoil or in a smoker box, or you can place the wood above the fire and it will eventually start to smoke.


Low and slow is the way to go! Check out for a million and one good tips on how best to cook pork! 

And voila 4 hours and a few handfuls of charcoal later.....pure kiti moto heaven!