Fully working miniature replicas of Africa's favorite improved cookstove

On sale now at https://cookswell.co.ke/product/kcj/

Use for candles, coin holders, paperweights, coffee cup warming, teaching kids how to cook etc.

for 1,000ksh (USD10$) ships world wide.

Hows that 🌞🌞🌞 in Nairobi feeling right now?

How about adding some more shade trees to the #GreenCityInTheSun on your way around town?

Stop by http://www.seedballskenya.com  and pick up some indigenous tree seeds coated with charcoal dust to green up our City a bit more.

You dont need plastic bags to plant trees!

Check out all the options for our biodegradable and compostable custom branded bags of seedballs.

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Make FREE charcoal without cutting down a single tree!

Use just branches, twigs, maize cobs, bamboo, coconut husks etc. make your own charcoal with our improved kilns.

When you control the entire ‘seed-to-ash’ cycle of biomass energy, its a win for your wallet and a win for your environment! 🌳

The large kiln is 18,000ksh and can make 1 gunia per day (appx 8-10hours) and the small one is 6,500ksh and will make a 1/4 sack a day. Both come with your choice of free tree seeds to grow a future supply of branches as well. Y

ou can order them online at https://cookswell.co.ke/product-category/kilns/https://cookswell.co.ke/product-category/kilns/

Cookswell Jikos in Europe!

Wonderful to see so much discussion on the Classic Camp Stoves website about our Kenyan Ceramic Jiko now on sale in the European Union through www.cookswell.eu


Entertaining? Let the jiko do all the work while you catch up with your friends and family :)

Just pop in your ribs, potatoes and onions, balsamic cherry potatoes and simply let it cook away to perfection. 🔥

Shown here is the small 3 level safari oven (25,000ksh) available from our online store here https://cookswell.co.ke/product/small-3-level-oven/


Thinking about what to cook during power cuts or while out on safari?

Anything you can cook in an oven you can cook in a Cookswell (plus you can use them as smokers!)

Have a look at all of our products here on our new online shop https://cookswell.co.ke/product-category/ovens/