The most portable oven in the world!

 A million thanks to the incredible team from The Mt Kenya Trust who took one of our ovens up to the top of the mountain as part of their FUNdraiser for the Horse Patrol Team!

A FUNdraiser lunch for the Mount Kenya Trusts Horse Patrol Team!

Mr. Gibbon from the Mt Kenya Trust - First man to climb a mountain with a charcoal oven EVER! Seen here at Point Lenana! 

Incredible 12 hour slow smoked brisket from The-Well-Hung-Butcher-Ltd from Kisima

a perfect bark

low&slow is the way to go! 

And a pork shoulder from Tambuzi Farms! 

And a the first frog to ride a horse as a raffle prize from Cookswell jikos 

Eco-charcoal making in Laikipia at Ol Pejeta - Eco- charcoal making made easy!

A demonstration of making maize cob and branch charcoal using the green cap charcoal kiln (to purchase please see ) at Ol Pejeta. 

Making a bag and a half of charcoal in a day with out any of the hassle of traditional charcoal making. 

As a comparison to traditional charcoal making - right next door was this kind old mzee who says he would make only 4 bags in a week of back breaking labor! 

Safari Cooking with Cookswell!

Just in time for lunchtime! 

The camp followers ;) 

Setting up camp in the magical Samburu National Reserve

the dynamic duo 

the optional hot water tank - a must have for serious campers. 

the morning view from the camp kitchen :) 

lunch became a 3 day event for these lucky lions! 

lunch became a 3 day event for us as well! 

A drink of water is always handy! 

The best kitchen in the world is the great outdoors! 

The Launch of the Baking as a Business in Kenya book from the Amari Quick Breads Bakery!

We were very pleased to attended the wonderful launch of the Amari Bakery ''How to start a bakery business- successfully!'' book at the Maisha Poa Center in Kawangware on Sat the 13th. 
There was also a fantastic presentation on entrepreneurship in East Africa from the Kuza Biashara Team and a thorough presentation on the legal and tax/liabilities side of setting small business in Kenya from Munyao and Partners Advocates

Happy baking to all of Kenya's entrepreneurs! 

Baking with sorghum for value addition training for smallholder farmers in Tanzania using offgrid Cookswell charcoal ovens.

We were very happy to be hosted by the Selian Agricultural Research Center and ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics) for a second round of training smallholder farmers extension officers on value addition to sorghum. Namely, baking delicious bread, scones and cakes in the Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos medium 4 level charcoal oven.

We also roasted two goat legs and potatoes to show alternative uses of the oven in the villages of Northern Tanzania. Each oven included a packet of 200 tree seeds as well for each extension officer to use to plant a future source of charcoal in their villages.

Loading the ovens for the training 

Introduction to the ovens by the one and only Cookswell Mom! (red apron)

a 1:2 sorghum wheat flour mix

various smallholder value addition ingredients 

Baking training underway

every one loves a baked potato! 

last batch of cookies

the paparazzi in action! 

getting ready for the competition. 

muffins and a baked egg 

the beautiful drive back from Arusha