Why buy what you can grow and make at home for FREE?

Here are 5 good reasons why to invest in growing your own homemade branch charcoal!  By using only small branches, twigs, maize cobs, coconuts or other woody biomass you can make your own FREE eco-charcoal in a day using one of our portable drum kilns.
1. You can help stop corruption! When you know where your charcoal is coming from (your own backyard) you rest assured no bribes have been paid for it.
 2. You can make your favorite blend of charcoal; light, hard, fast or slow burning.
 3. Your savings will be HUGE - no more buying overpriced charcoal in the soko!
 4. You are directly supporting local designers and manufacturers that use recycled materials (the drum).
5. You take full control and ownership of a very simple renewable energy value chain - the 'seed-to-ash' cycle of household biomass energy when you plant the free packet of acacia tree seeds included with your drum kiln.

 Please see here for more info and how to order - http://cookswell.co.ke/ecommerce/category/kilns

At a demo in Kajiado 

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Making blended maize cob and branch charcoal for fast lighting and long burning. 

A section of a 5 year old acacia woodlot that is being pruned for charcoal production. 

A new baking oven for Flying Kites school Njambini.

With more than 50 students, that's almost 1 birthday that needs a birthday cake every week! smile emoticon We were very happy to drop off this extra large baking oven on Friday at the super cool orphanage that Flying Kites runs in beautiful Njambini. We wish you very happy baking and please do enjoy planting the trees and tree seeds for a future source of charcoal! (learn more about thier good work here http://www.flyingkites.org/school)

The ultimate energy saving portable charcoal business oven!

Used by 1000's of East African caterers, luxury safari camps and SME bakeries since 1996! The Business Plus Heavy Duty Cookswell Charcoal Oven - 43,000ksh includes a FREE packet of acacia trees seeds, a box of firelighters and full user instructions.

Whats your favorite safari cooking?

Baking, roasting, steaming or even toasting, you can do it all in your ultra-portable safari oven from Cookswell Jikos. 

The larger sizes are perfect for food trucks, outdoor catering events and safari businesses. 

The smaller domestic sized ones are just right for you and your friends and family when you want to save money, save energy and eat well.