Energy Saving Stoves in the Maasai Mara Area

some of the 100+ loaves of bread fresh out of the oven
A Oven Jiko On Safari In the Nyakeweri Forest, Trans-Mara. Cooking Lunch for 5 People

Two Medium Sized Cookswell Charcoal Ovens being used in the first bakery in Mara Reinda Village, They make about 140 loaves of white and brown bread per day and about 200 cupcakes.  On less then 1/4 bag of charcoal

The Retail store for our Kenya Ceramic Jikos in the Village of Mara Reinda. With 50% energy savings this lady can spend less money on charcoal, be exposed to less smoke then firewood and can still cook all of her familys favorite meals.

Maasai Mara Jiko Deliveries

No matter where  you are, a Cookswell Jiko is for you and your family, Save Energy, Save Money, Eat Well!

The best energy saving jikos for your buisness

8 Energy Saving Stoves with 2 inbuilt food warmers
Only 25.500Ksh

A large charcoal convection oven (38,000ksh) baking delicious bread at

A medium 4 level jiko at el karama eco camp (29,000ksh)

New Optional Extra - Twisted Wooden Handles!

Our Original Hand Twisted Wooden Handles from
The Kitengela Arboretum

The magnificent Ode to Mr. Toad drinks cooler/charcoal space heater

After many many weeks of pursuing Form, Function and Fun - we are happy to bring you a more mature Ode to Mr. Toad 2 in 1 drinks cooler and charcoal space heater. Starting from 100$ - Regional and international shipping available - contact 

Our Jiko's around the world

Saving energy and making tea for a lucky friend in Okinawa, Japan!

A large charcoal oven in Wau, South Sudan. Used with a mobile road crew for baking fresh bread. As seen with a De-Facto Sharholder, Ms. Susan Kinyanjui M.A 

Eat Well! Use Less Energy!

A Delicious Roast
25 years of improved cookstove innovations. Some pieces from the Kitengela Jiko Museum

A backyard picinc at the Kitengela Arboretum
Jikos for the country!

Homemade Charcoal for Cooking Homemade Food

Energy Svaing KCJ jikos going to save charcoal in Kampala and Kigali!

Think Globally, Act Locally And Eat Well!

Kenya Ceramic Jiko Stand Type
Small-   380/=
No. 13      (inches) -   1,200/=
No 14.” The largest size, 1,500/=
Kenya Ceramic Jiko BellBottom
Small – 280/=
Standard-   330/=
Medium – 400/=

Kenya Ceramic  Jiko Straight Body
Small – 300/=
Standard – 400/=
Medium – 430/=

The double boiler
No 13 liners. 6,500/=
No 14 liners

The Space heater
Charcoal Small      6 ,000/=
Charcoal Medium 8,000/=
Firewood (36in), 29,000

The Charcoal Saving Nyama Choma with machine
4burner 12,000ksh
6 burner 16,000kshs

Kenya Seeds Of Change
200/= per pkt

Kenya Ceramic Jiko Price List-
Original Quality Factory Direct Prices

Charcoal Oven Type
*Optional Hot Water System
The Micro Safari Companion
The Domestic Sized Ovens
Small With  2 levels
Small With  3 Levels



The Family and  Small Business Sized Ovens
Medium with 3 Levels
Medium with 4 Levels


The Business Plus Ovens
Large with 3 levels
Large with 4 levels


The Heavy Industry Size
Extra Large   with4 Levels

Hybrid Energy Solutions For Remote Locations


Two complimentary household energy systems for living in remote places. Solar and Biomass.

Please visit ( for more info on solar in Kenya.

the small 3 level with hot water tank jiko on safari