For people who really love cooking - rain or shine, no electricity or no gas - you can still bake, roast, toast or steam to your hearts content!

Fresh delicious brown bread at a farm in Njoro- a medium 3 level oven 22,000ksh

A baking demonstration with Susan Kamau and Susan Kinyanjui 

Freshly baked pineapple crumble at the Cookswell Shop - Lower Kabete 

Delicious free range grass fed organic maasailand beef

Selling the stove and fuel - 1 packet of tree acacia tree seeds can grow all the charcoal you will ever need for the rest of you life 

Highly portable - take a mini-oven fishing!

A large (38,000ksh) charcoal oven at the Wilson airport Aero-Club

Mama Mary baking!

The medium 3 level (22,000ksh) 

Susie giving lessons to a budding baker 

At a peace corp convention in Lukenya

Susan Kamau from Kenya Kitchen fame showing fresh baked carrot cookies 

bake with only a tiny amount of charcoal (medium 3 level 22,000ksh)

Taking out the fresh baked goods! 

CEFA Empowerment Tool Kit for a success story of a former Wamumu Rehabilitation School boy; with him are family and community members in Kabras region in Vihiga County. 
Tony in Lira, north Uganda with his oven

lunch at 9,000ft in the Abadares. 

A bush lunch in the Maasai Mara

And we will leave you with a mouthwatering picture of a delicious roast chicken cooked in a jiko

The new Cookswell Frog line of products!

Get your own 100% unique frog charcoal space heater or drinks cooler - each with limited edition Kazuri Bead Co. eyes. 

he space heater 9,000ksh 

The drinks holder - 12,000ksh 

As we launch our new website - - we are very happy to host an open day with Susan Kamau from Kenya Kitchen's fame.

Please come and join us this April 13th at Uchumi Supermarket, Ngong Road for a demonstration and discussion about baking without electricity or gas!  

Please browse through our products at for our prices, sizes and contacts.

Karibu (Welcome) to the Lower Kabete Woodfuel Security Shop.

Our newest energy saving BBQ - 12,000ksh, 

Custom-eye's your space heating frog eyes!  from Kazuri Beads 
The 4-in-1 Grazer BBQ with an Oven, grill, sufaria pot and 10ltr hot water system - now only 35,000ksh  
Coookswell Swag

Acacia tree seeds at 100ksh! Get planting and invest in your own energy!