The Cookswell Large Charcoal Oven,

Perfect for Commercial Bakeries Tired of Expensive Power Cuts and Unreasonable LPG gas prices.
Starting at 30,000ksh*
Optional 20ltr hot water system at 11,000ksh

New models of Energy Saving Cookstoves in Nanyuki Town, ! Act Fast ! Save Charcoal with a high quality, original Jiko!

Two small hotel business owners looking at the high quality of Cookswell Jikos.

The double burner charcoal stove with in-built warmer; Small  @ 7,000ksh

 Please go to Cherengani Hardware Store behind the Nakumatt, appx. 0.5km on Prison road to take advantage of our factory direct prices. Or contact 0700 380 009 to place an order. 
 Small Jikos (za sufaria) starting at 450Ksh the Small 2 level charcoal baking oven @ 10,000ksh

Domestic and commercial Cookswell Energy Saving Stoves and Charcoal Ovens

Two safari ovens used at Kicheche tented camp in the Maasai Mara

A triple burner jiko with ash trays (7,000ksh)

A 4 burner energy saving BBQ jiko for back yard bbq's (@16,000ksh)

Small with 3 levels domestic ovens in the stock room (@ 10,000ksh e.a)

Large Commercial ovens with 4 levels (@ 38,000Ksh)