Coconut charcoal making at the Watamu Recycling Center.

We spent a wonderful two days making coconut husk and neem tree branch charcoal at the Watamu Marine Association 

We also demonstrated the wood oil smoke trap to collect the smoke to make wood vinegar which can be used as an organic alternative to anti-termite chemicals such as Gladiator. More information about wood vinegar here It also considerable reduces the amount of emission during charcoal making.

adding the coconut husks at the start of charcoal making. 

Six hour worth of charcoal. 

The wood vinegar, stockholm tar and the pyroligneous acid collecting at the end of the smoke trap (Link to FAO document about by products from charcoal making

The fun part of coconut charcoal making - enjoying the shade on a hot day. Compare this to the labour involved in traditional earth kilns.

making afternoon chai with the first batch of free coconut charcoal! 
Appx 150ml of wood vinegar from 6 hours worth of carbonization of coconuts.