The Original Cookswell Kenyan Energy Saving Jiko.

Energy saving ovens and double-jikos for sale at Chardust Ltd, Nairobi with the charcoal Don, Mr. Elk Karstaad.

A large (38,000ksh) charcoal oven baking delicious bread using a tiny amount of homemade charcoal at Manda Bay camp - Lamu (

Baking fresh sea fish, butternut squahs and link sausage's at Moringa house, Diani (this is the small 2 level 10,000ksh)

Using a mini-kiln to make *almsot free* coconut husk charcoal (3,500ksh)

Cooking camp breakfast for 20 people on only 50bob worth of charcoal

sweet potatoes, spicy safari sausages and toast - ready in 25 min.

The El Karama Eco Lodge Chef with his medium 4 level oven (30,000ksh)

Making dinner in Congo Brazzasvile on  Cookswell Jiko (400ksh)


  1. Great Job. Post more information on the befits as compared to traditional charcoal jikos for users to understand including the quantity of energy saved in comparison and economic benefit to the user.

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