The Original Cookswell Kenyan Energy Saving Jiko.

Energy saving ovens and double-jikos for sale at Chardust Ltd, Nairobi with the charcoal Don, Mr. Elk Karstaad.

A large (38,000ksh) charcoal oven baking delicious bread using a tiny amount of homemade charcoal at Manda Bay camp - Lamu (

Baking fresh sea fish, butternut squahs and link sausage's at Moringa house, Diani (this is the small 2 level 10,000ksh)

Using a mini-kiln to make *almsot free* coconut husk charcoal (3,500ksh)

Cooking camp breakfast for 20 people on only 50bob worth of charcoal

sweet potatoes, spicy safari sausages and toast - ready in 25 min.

The El Karama Eco Lodge Chef with his medium 4 level oven (30,000ksh)

Making dinner in Congo Brazzasvile on  Cookswell Jiko (400ksh)