The best, the original, the only, Cookswell Jiko - In a Nakumatt near you!

Nakumatt Nyayo (Nairobi) by charcoal _bora
An original Kenyan innovation ~ the Kenya Ceramic Jiko and charcoal oven - in a supermarket near you now!
Sustainably grown charcoal can be a huge foreign exchange saver as we depend less on imported fossil fuels. i.e the recent kersosene and LPG and electricity price hike's etc.

We Deliver Fast Savings!

We Deliver! by charcoal _bora
This is a 6 Burner Nyama Choma joint, stew, karanga, ugali, sukuma cooker.
At Zino's Pub in Nairobi West they have saved over 5000/= in the first month alone from switching from gas.
Cook, eat and save energy.
19,500Ksh 6 Burner Jiko (the two medium 4 level jikos are 30,000ksh each)

an original Cookswell KCJ stove

dont be fooled by replicas, note the high quality of liner and number of holes. and the thickness of the pot rests, buy and original Jiko to last a lifetime