The latest Cookswell BBQ jiko - The ""Smoking javelina'' warthog BBQ

Have a look at Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos latest BBQ jiko - we went the whole hog on this one - Kitengela Hot Glass eyes, a well fired 8x10in ceramic liner firebox for maximum energy saving, clasp down handle and a easy to use ash tray. The ultimate 100% handcrafted backyard grill - and this is only the start.....

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Moringa and Spinach charcoal oven baked eggs

An even easier way to make a fast tasty breakfast - bake 2 eggs in a ramekin lined with spinach and moringa - place a slice of Brown's Cheese cumin Gouda on the top to keep in the moisture, bake in a hot cookswell oven (2 handful's of branch charcoal) and serve with cheesy rye toast and Farmers choice kenya chipolatas!

The weekly organic veggie box from Mlango Farm - Limuru

We love to support local, seasonal, organic produce from awesome farmers in Kenya - Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos is one of the many collection points for your weekly box of goodness - visit Mlango Farm or to sign up today! 

The Newest Member of the Cookswell Family

Specially designed for the amazing Dari Restaurant in Karen Nairobi - The newest Cookswell charcoal space heater/drinks cooler.  

The wings spread the heat when you light a fire and keep a bit of shade on the ice when you use it as a drinks cooler.