First batch of bread baked by the Farasi Lane Primary Schools Baking Club!

Launching the new Farasi Lane Baking Club's new oven! There is an excellent team of 20 very bright and enthusiastic kids baking some of the best treats in Kabete! Many thanks to everyone who made this happen! Nancy Kinyanjui and friends, thank you for the all the nice baking equipment! And a big shout out goes to the Amari Quickbreads Bakery​ team for the excellent training and to Bella Luna Kitchen​ for the first batch of flour to get things rising!

Why invest in a charcoal oven?

Since the introduction of our line of Energy Efficient Charcoal Ovens in 1992, hundreds and hundreds have been sold regionally and countrywide, to all manner of people for all manner of uses.

For some, a charcoal oven is an integral part of the home kitchen, during typical power cuts, or when the family just wants that special Kenyan charcoal aroma with the Sunday dinner chicken and potatoes or with fresh home-style cookies and cupcakes. Simple to ignite and easy to use, the smaller sized ovens are light and very sturdy and are well suited for camping trips or outdoor patios. Imagine, fresh bread daily, 100 miles away from electricity!

 Or maybe just as a clean easy method of cooking a hot lunch on weekend picnics. They are also an incredibly sustainable and cost effective way of reducing household energy consumption. Our ovens are about 45% more energy efficient for bread baking then an electric oven and roughly 30% more efficient then a gas oven.

The larger commercial models are ideally suited for businesses for which a prime monetary concern is either cost or lack of access to LPG gas or electricity. Butcheries/nyama-choma joints, bakeries, hotels and micro-enterprises have all found that switching to a Cookswell Jikos charcoal oven greatly increases profit margins by significantly reducing energy costs.

In conjunction with the Woodlands 2000 Trust, in just under 6 years we have already established over 100 acres of certifiably sustainable charcoal woodlots. Currently the Trust is developing and enacting comprehensive, permaculturaly based holistic natural resource land use plans in Kajiado and Narok District to help wean Kenya off of imported fossil fuels used for cooking