Baking with sorghum for value addition training for smallholder farmers in Tanzania using offgrid Cookswell charcoal ovens.

We were very happy to be hosted by the Selian Agricultural Research Center and ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics) for a second round of training smallholder farmers extension officers on value addition to sorghum. Namely, baking delicious bread, scones and cakes in the Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos medium 4 level charcoal oven.

We also roasted two goat legs and potatoes to show alternative uses of the oven in the villages of Northern Tanzania. Each oven included a packet of 200 tree seeds as well for each extension officer to use to plant a future source of charcoal in their villages.

Loading the ovens for the training 

Introduction to the ovens by the one and only Cookswell Mom! (red apron)

a 1:2 sorghum wheat flour mix

various smallholder value addition ingredients 

Baking training underway

every one loves a baked potato! 

last batch of cookies

the paparazzi in action! 

getting ready for the competition. 

muffins and a baked egg 

the beautiful drive back from Arusha

Smallholder sorghum flour value addition through baking training. Part 1 - Chuka, Embu.

Many thanks to all the participants and organizers who helped make this baking value addition training class such a success and well done to the Meru South team for winning the baking competition with your traditional grain recipe! Many thanks to ICRISATAFRICA HARVEST BIOTECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION INTL(AHBFI) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for investing in the highest quality charcoal powered baking ovens, Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos!

the winning baking team receiving their prizes

Baking fun day at the Dagoretti Girls Home with Collective Community Action and the Bakers Club of kenya

We had a wonderful Jamhuri Day bake off at the Dagoretti Girls School with The Bakers Club of Kenya and Collective Community Action 

Many thanks also Bella Luna Kitchen for donating the flour for the day! 

Steak, broccoli and halloumi on the tooth shaped BBQ for my dentist using a mix of eco-friendly maize cob and acacia charcoal.


Hardwood and maize cob charcoal


What do you cook in your Cookswell?

A wonderful selection of recipe ideas for you to try out this Holiday season in your Cookswell charcoal powered oven! 

Steamed fish in banana leaves and chips

Baked beets and blueberry pie! 

Or a poblanos pepper goose egg quiche? 

Turkey and two type of spuds - potato gratin and baked kosher salt jacket potatoes. 

Slow grilled goat ribs. 

A slow roasted cajun pork shoulder 

the maize cob charcoal in action! 

Sundowner bitings. 

Top of the Ngong Hills. 

Two type of renewable energy - both sourced from the sun, biomass and wind power ;) 

The ostrich BBQ lighting up

Free bites of roast goat at the country fair. Many thanks Homa Lime for helping run the grill! 

Baked butternut squash

A  mini Cookswell jiko on safari in Venice!