The first Cookswell Land Rover BBQ and charcoal space heater jiko. 35,000ksh.

sometimes you just get a crazy idea... lots of light bulbs at once... 

*sigh...synchronizers again.... 

So make a BBQ! 

The ultimate portable mini safari convection charcoal oven

The mini-bachelor oven - perfect for roasting up a quick round of bitings with friends, or for taking on safari to the bush or the sea - 9,000ksh. 

Certified Eco-Friendly Charcoal now available at Cookswell Jikos - Woodfuel Resource Center, Lower Kabete.

Now proudly available at Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos - the highest quality eco-friendly charcoal options in Kenya. Choose between Chardust Ltd. original recycled briquettes or African Forest lumpwood leleshwa charcoal. Now, not only will your hard earned shillings stop going towards deforestation and bribes like with regular 'bush' charcoal, but you will be helping grow more tree's by supporting these innovative Kenyan businesses! Bags at 350ksh. Wholesale and long term supply contracts available.

the improved kiln at African Forest Co. 

The indigenous tree seedling nursery at the the AFC

Helen and Kenya - amazing foresters! 

a slow cooked free range chicken with traditional herb (warburgia ugandesis) 

You love cooking.....we love cooking......this is perfect....lets all get cooking!