A inside view of a large oven working hard.

an inside view by charcoal _bora
an inside view, a photo by charcoal _bora on Flickr.
A 38,000Kshs Large Charcoal Oven in action baking in the Maasai Mara.
by one for your buisness today and save big on energy costs, this oven uses about 1/4 a bag of homemade charcoal a day to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for over 30 people. www.karenblixencamp.com

Baking, Roasting, Toasting, Steaming ~ Cookswell Quality all over East Africa

Baking, Roasting, Toasting, Steaming by charcoal _bora
Proudly available in Nakumatt and Uchumi Supermarkets all over Kenya, and in the Nakumatt Supermarket in Kampala and Kigali.

Also available at
Chardust Ltd...Nairobi
The Tree Planting Advisory Cenetr Ololunga....past Narok

A 38,000Kshs Large Charcoal Oven Landing at a school in Ngong town

the school chef checking it out by charcoal _bora.
Perfect for saving energy and baking sweet potatoes, squash, bread etc. (38,000ksh)