Cookswells Selected Favorite Baking Recipies.

 The following are links to some of  our favorite baking recipes for you to try out in your Cookswell energy saving charcoal oven. 

Let us know how it works out!


Never worry about powercuts ruining your dinner plans again!

Power cuts happen at the worst time, avoid letting KPLC ruin you and your families Sunday dinner plans!

For the best, steaks or roast chicken, potatoes and mix veggies use a small Cookswell Charcoal Oven @ only 16,000ksh and with only 1/2 a tin of of mkaa!

Perfect for the home baker and we also have large sizes for commercial bakeries. 

And there is a size for all seasons! Please see to order yours! 

Cooking while driving - Cookswell Jiko Sales and Mobile Demonstrations!

making sure its safe 

showing samples and giving directions to the new shop

After demonstrations its time to light the jiko. And we only used about 2 handfuls of charcoal!

cook the things that take the longest first and the shortest last and close all the doors to prevent hot ash escaping.

having forgotten the cutting board, a tree seedling box is used to carve up lunch, add tomatoes stuffed with coriander and avocados and onions as a tasty side. excellent hot lunch on the road!

Carbón de leña del horno en Albuquerque

A Cookswell Jiko on a Southwestern Safari

The high desert is no match for bbq ribs as you dirve!

Coppice management for woodfuel of small woodlots

Start with the tree seed - planting your own tree's is the most cost effective investment for long term biomass energy independance.
One 200ksh packet of tree seeds can grow you more then 200 huge acacia trees

growing your own future fuel

processing harvested tree branches into 'firesticks' for charcoal feedstock

drying to to appx. 15% moisture content before carbonization

one month after pruning a 9 year old blue gum tree, new shoots are growing rapidly.

You can use and mix multiple non-tree feedstock sources: coconut husk's, maize cobs etc.                                           
The mini kiln(3,500Ksh)

The large charcoal barrel kiln (12,000ksh) make up to 30kgs of lumpwood charcoal per day from 90kgs of twigs and tree branches
Growing and processing the fuel (charcoal) to fit a Cookswell Jikos, energy saving charcoal oven.

Cook the best bread, pizza, pie's, cakes etc using only a handful of your homemae charcoal! (the large oven at  38,000ksh)

Not only baking; roasting squash, baked sea fish and link sausages cook in only 30min! (the small 2 level oven 10,000ksh) 

Top Quality Ovens for Top Quality Cooking

Medium 4 level charcoal ovens going to Northern Kenya @ 30,000ksh each

A mini-safri oven (6,000ksh) and a medium 3 level oven (20,000ksh) being inspected by a chef for cooking spinach quiches at a back yard bbq. 

The perfect safari companion - the small 3 level charcoal oven, fits in a landrovers boot with all the cooking gear inside of it. Can cook for up to 6-7 people. 15,000ksh

The large business plus charcoal oven (38,000ksh), cooking a whole goat for a wedding on less then 30ksh of charcoal

The medium 4 level oven (30,000ksh) on an Gametrackers Overlander trip cooking breakfast for 20 hungry campers.

A small 2 level oven (10,000ksh) in Imbrikani Town, Kajiado. Bringing baking to the village.