The *New* Kinyanjui Charcoal Kiln - Save your money! Make your own charcoal from tree branches

 Did you know that a large amount of the price of a bag of charcoal in Nairobi is money needed for paying bribes to get illegal bush charcoal to town? Save your money (and Kenya's forests) by making your own charcoal at home using only your own twigs and pruned tree branches. (or timber mill waste)

Cookswell Ovens are so efficient; making your own charcoal to power your business couldn't be easier. (or cheaper!)

good old smokey

The Kinyanjui Kiln makes about 1kg of charcoal per hour, it is made from 20 gauge sheet metal and has a 1 year warranty with an expected lifespan of 3 years of constant use.

Cost of a bag of charcoal in Nairobi today ex-Wangigi market 1,800Ksh - the cost of the Mini-Kiln, 5,000ksh - it pays for itself very fast!

Each kiln comes with 2 free indigenous tree seedlings to get you going on your way to cooking  energy independence. 

The Sunday Lunch

The Sunday Lunch for 5 hungry people in the forest, cooked on a Cookswell 3 Level Oven.(15,000ksh) A ginger pound cake, maple syrup glazed pork ribs, sesame drumsticks and of course garlic potatoes and a butternut squash. And using about 20ksh of charcoal.