Backyard Charcoal and Biochar


  1. Teddy, I can show you how to make that beautiful pile of charcoal with much higher efficiency and without all that nasty smoke.
    I am prototyping TLUD style gassifiers. Go look at my Picassa album. The one that says: SeaChar TLUD's. I'll update that with some barrel shots.

  2. ahh, thanks but the smoke is very useful, i live in a place with a high malaria prevelance and i usualy put a few neem leaves in during the initil stages of the char process and do the carbonizing downwind from the pottery which is home to alot of mozzies.

    The biochar is provided as a waste product from the charcoal vendors in my town, the fines sift down from the bags on sale into a huge pile(500kg per month)

    those are interessting stoves, i just opened an educational biomass stove museum at the kitengela arboretum (Nairobi, Kenya) if you'd like to donate an exibit that would be awesome!

  3. Teddy, tips are good. open the mind with the TLUD. learn more.


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