Bake fresh bread for penny's on the shilling!


  1. the large commercial oven for only 38,000ksh

  2. hi

    thanks for the blog and products

    Presently i am travel to south sudan and would like to give some of the commerical type oven to the women group for earning daily living by making breads, cakes and so on

    Kindly advice me as how can you send here and which size is good for this ladies as they are all new to this baking business, I have a chance to see the demo when i was visiting kenya at KICC ground few years back

    awaiting your advice


  3. cost includes the trays for the bread and cake or that will be xtra and who much for loaf of bread, what is the price for mold of heart size cake and of burger buns mold

  4. Hi, we dont make bread tins, just excellent ovens! I just sent you an email. Thanks for writing.

  5. Hello l wish to know more about these ovens


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