Top Quality Ovens for Top Quality Cooking

Medium 4 level charcoal ovens going to Northern Kenya @ 30,000ksh each

A mini-safri oven (6,000ksh) and a medium 3 level oven (20,000ksh) being inspected by a chef for cooking spinach quiches at a back yard bbq. 

The perfect safari companion - the small 3 level charcoal oven, fits in a landrovers boot with all the cooking gear inside of it. Can cook for up to 6-7 people. 15,000ksh

The large business plus charcoal oven (38,000ksh), cooking a whole goat for a wedding on less then 30ksh of charcoal

The medium 4 level oven (30,000ksh) on an Gametrackers Overlander trip cooking breakfast for 20 hungry campers.

A small 2 level oven (10,000ksh) in Imbrikani Town, Kajiado. Bringing baking to the village.

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  1. do you train new comer to bake bread and cake ?

    do you have prover for the bread and cakes


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