Sirikoi Camp, Lewa Downs, 100% off-grid renewable biomass energy system for cooking and heating.

Sirikoi Camp in Lewa Downs currently has the best fully working sustainable domestic biomass energy production and use systems in all of Northern Kenya.
They use a Kinyanjui barrel kiln to carbonize sustainably pruned and harvested (and sometimes branches stripped by passing elephants!) twigs and branches from their own yellow fever tree's and use this high quality lumpwood charcoal to power the camps Cookswell charcoal ovens and space heaters.

The colliers with their new kiln and a KCJ

A large and a medium 4 level oven.

The most delicious teatime treats baked at camp using the neighbors locally grown wheat and Sirikoi's own homegrown charcoal.
The Kinyanjui barrel kiln that uses only twigs and branches to make the charcoal needed for the camps cooking.

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