For people who really love cooking - rain or shine, no electricity or no gas - you can still bake, roast, toast or steam to your hearts content!

Fresh delicious brown bread at a farm in Njoro- a medium 3 level oven 22,000ksh

A baking demonstration with Susan Kamau and Susan Kinyanjui 

Freshly baked pineapple crumble at the Cookswell Shop - Lower Kabete 

Delicious free range grass fed organic maasailand beef

Selling the stove and fuel - 1 packet of tree acacia tree seeds can grow all the charcoal you will ever need for the rest of you life 

Highly portable - take a mini-oven fishing!

A large (38,000ksh) charcoal oven at the Wilson airport Aero-Club

Mama Mary baking!

The medium 3 level (22,000ksh) 

Susie giving lessons to a budding baker 

At a peace corp convention in Lukenya

Susan Kamau from Kenya Kitchen fame showing fresh baked carrot cookies 

bake with only a tiny amount of charcoal (medium 3 level 22,000ksh)

Taking out the fresh baked goods! 

CEFA Empowerment Tool Kit for a success story of a former Wamumu Rehabilitation School boy; with him are family and community members in Kabras region in Vihiga County. 
Tony in Lira, north Uganda with his oven

lunch at 9,000ft in the Abadares. 

A bush lunch in the Maasai Mara

And we will leave you with a mouthwatering picture of a delicious roast chicken cooked in a jiko

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