Maize cob charcoal demonstration in Imbirinkiani, Kajiado, Kenya.

Using a large Cookswell Drum kiln we were happy to hold a great all day demonstration of making and using maize cobs and prosopis julifera twigs and branches to make charcoal with the Big Life Foundation and the Woodlands 2000 Trust.

In the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro - a large Cookswell Kiln for 14,500ksh

Collecting some 'waste' maize cobs from a friendly farmer in Nysite

After lighting a fire in the bottom - you add the feedstock and wait for the smoke to change color from white to blue...

No need for chopping down whole trees, digging up tons of soil and harming forests. 

As shown here:

Once the maize cobs have carbonized you simply put the lid(s) on the kiln to starve it of oxygen and thus extinguishing the fire. 

You can then use the charcoal within a few hours to cook a lovely roast on the go!

You can then tie in a Cookswell oven and cook while you drive! 

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