'Branch' eco-charcoal making with Mara Conservancy Rangers.

Using just prunings of twigs and branches we were very happy to conduct a 3 day training of using the Cookswell Charcoal Kilns to make eco-charcoal for the bread ovens and trapping the smoke to make wood vinegar for organic termite prevention at the ranger bases in the Wildlife Conservancies around the Mara Triangle. 

Many thanks to the Mara TriangleSeiya Limited and Mara Elephant Project for hosting us and for buying these kilns to empirically demonstrate to the local communities that you do not have to cut down trees to make charcoal and instead of ever buying it, you can make your own for free! 

A family spending 50ksh per day on charcoal in peri-urban areas in counties like Narok spend about 18,000ksh per year, this kiln comes as a complete kit with a stove, a panga and tree seeds for growing a future source of charcoal and is only 6,500ksh and lasts 2 years!

Please learn more about the kilns and order one for yourself here - http://cookswell.co.ke/ecommerce/category/kilns (wholesale rates for 15pcs and up availible).

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