Learn how to bake and start a baking business and get a discount on a Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos Charcoal Oven.

Do you know of a school who would like to learn about the joys of baking?
Our charcoal ovens are the perfect fit! They are easy to use, extremely economical to run and make perfect bread and cakes each time! (Please see all the sizes here http://cookswell.co.ke/our-products/category/ovens)
We have also partnered with the famous Amari Baking Center to help with all the training and baking skills development you'll need to set up a full time bakery at your school or even just a fun baking day with the kids! (Please see https://amaribakery.com/ for more info).

thanks elke s for the great photo! 

thanks sister of hope international for the great photos of baking in Uganda

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