Cookswell energy saving jikos held a day long woodfuel security demonstration at the Soysambu Conservancy on the 29th of September 2012 with the Chair-ladies from some women's groups of the 13 Communities that live next to the Conservancy. The Ceremony was led by Mr.Kinyanjui from the Cookswell Jikos and Graced by Lord and Lady Delamere. Among the hosts was the Managing Director of Delamere Estate, the CEO of Soysambu Conservancy and the Community Education and Awareness Officer.

observing the flaring off process of charcoal making.

a 4,500ksh double jiko, a 4,000ksh space heater and a 15,000ksh charcoal oven

The mini-biashara Double jiko with an in-built food warmer and ash-trays.

The turn up was great, forty women were present, the objective of the day was to demonstrate high quality energy saving jikos and the use of improved barrel kilns to carbonize selectively pruned and harvested Acacia  twigs and branches for sustainable woodfuel security.

a variety of tree seeds were on sale for only 100ksh a packet
A consignment of jiko's is now at the Research Center at the Soysambu Conservancy retailing at our same low factory price!

Mama Leah, the first customer! she also got a free african olive and pencil ceder tree seedling as a bonus!

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  1. Good work you do, educating people on these jikos & ovens. Keep it up.


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