Do you travel by road much? Cook while you drive!

Simply light a fire in your oven and fill it with rump roast and potatoes etc., start driving and cook on the go! It cooks about 200gm of nyama choma to the Kilometer on dirt roads. (beef).
 Please see the photo's below for more explanation.

Don't cut the potatoes to small and try to use a large cut of meat./chicken etc.

make sure the jiko is tied down and the ash try is firmly in place, especially if you are on a rough road.

enjoy watching the wildlife have lunch while yours cookswell on the go

a very full hyena 

True giants and sadly so endangered by poaching! Support your local parks and visit more often!

Check in on your meal every once and a while and see/taste how its going

When the charcoal dies down and your food is cooked, you can use the jiko as a handy tin 'lunchbox' and carry it up to a certified KWS look out point in the park

Enjoy lunch with an amazing view! 

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