What do you cook in your Cookswell?

A wonderful selection of recipe ideas for you to try out this Holiday season in your Cookswell charcoal powered oven! 

Steamed fish in banana leaves and chips

Baked beets and blueberry pie! 

Or a poblanos pepper goose egg quiche? 

Turkey and two type of spuds - potato gratin and baked kosher salt jacket potatoes. 

Slow grilled goat ribs. 

A slow roasted cajun pork shoulder 

the maize cob charcoal in action! 

Sundowner bitings. 

Top of the Ngong Hills. 

Two type of renewable energy - both sourced from the sun, biomass and wind power ;) 

The ostrich BBQ lighting up

Free bites of roast goat at the country fair. Many thanks Homa Lime for helping run the grill! 

Baked butternut squash

A  mini Cookswell jiko on safari in Venice! 

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